Emali Dedicated Children’s Agency within the support of ChildFund New Zealand and the people of New Zealand has embarked on a project to cushion the communities we work with from the persistent droughts that plague them. Emali is an arid area and the communities here struggle to make the ends meet through cattle and crop farming, with their efforts mostly thwarted by the harsh climate. The project dubbed “Building Resilience for two Drought affected Communities in Kenya”, has a craft component which is helping locals turn their indigenous crafts such as weaving and jewelry into high-end, luxury goods to be sold at premium prices, under the brand Maka Emali.The locals who used to do the weaving and the jewelry for leisure can now earn decent livelihoods through their work.

The MAKA brand products are not only selling locally in shops at the Museums of Kenya and other high end stores like the Serena Hotels; but also abroad like the Iko Iko outlets in New Zealand. The locals no longer have something to do in and out of season. Furthermore, the project has a cultural preservation angle, in that some of the skills that were slowly eroding can now be passed on the younger generations.

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