Healthy and Secure Infant


Children and members of their households are food secure and enjoy good and regular nutrition, adequate for normal growth and development


  1. Reduced incidences of diseases among children 0-5yrs,
  2. Improved school performance of children aged 6-14 yrs.
  3. Improved economic and health status of youth within Emali.
  4. Integrated ECCD Project.

Emali Dedicated Children’s Agency (EDCA) implements activities aimed at improving the overall survival, health and nutrition of children and their families by giving adequate attention to care and development of children. It does so by implementing programs that promotes prevention of infant illness, facilitating training programs in child health, maternal survival, health and nutrition programs. The project also promotes establishment of child friendly ECCD centres/ pre-schools by supporting them with child friendly materials.


  1. To improve the nutritional standards and ECCD enrolment and retention of 1500 under five infants.
  2. To Increase uptake of health services for children < 5 years.
  3. To improve hygiene and sanitation for Emali community.
  4. To Increase the use of Safe drinking water among children.

Our Program Components

  1. Support 1600 ECCD children with Feeding program at ECCD Centers.

In order to improve the nutritional status of ECCD children, the project procure maize and beans which is distributed to the ECCD centers. The food items is used to prepare meals for the children. This is done on termly basis to ensure that children have food in ECCD centers for them to feed on. The initiative is implemented in partnership with the community members who prepare food for the children

  1. Training Programs

EDCA organizes and conduct a lot of trainings in child health, maternal survival, health and nutrition programs; infection control, newborn care, prevention and treatment of maternal disabilities.

  1. Overall survival, Health Nutrition

For children, families and communities, such as: health infrastructure development, promotion of good family health care practices, preventing or reducing infant illness.

  1. Community Mobilization

To educate and create awareness, personnel training, research and monitoring and evaluation

Our Project Outputs

  1. ECCD
    • ECD Classroom renovated
    • ECD Classroom constructed
    • ECD Toilets constructed
    • ECD Caregivers trained on child health and Nutrition.
    • ECD Centres supported with Child friendly play materials
    • ECD School Management Committee trained on School Governance
    • Monitoring visit conducted to ECD centers
    • Water tanks procured and installed in ECD centers
  2. Health & Nutrition
  • Health outreaches supported
  • Community Unit Support
  • Children supported with supplementary feeding
  1. Community
  • Boreholes drilled and equipped

Target Group

Our target group is children aged 0-14yrs.

Target Area

Google map showing Emali area

This is a semi-arid and arid area of Kenyewa in Kajiado County and Mulala in Makueni County.

Get Involved

A picture of a volunteer in nursery school engaging the children

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