About Us

Emali Dedicated Children’s Agency is a Local Non-Governmental Organization (LNGO) working with ChildFund Kenya (NGO).The Programme was started in 2002 as a CBO with a community structure that begins from the focus group level and the overall management is overseen by the Programme Development Committee (PDC). The was upgraded to a LNGO in 2013 with a 7 board member committee. The Programme is dedicated to ChildFund New Zealand from where it receives all its sponsorship funding.

The Programme operates both in Makueni (Mulala Division) and Kajiado (Kenyewa Division) Counties. The Programme area is mainly inhabited by Maasai and Kamba communities. The area of operation is divided into 8 zones, and each zone has a number of Focus Groups. The zones are Mulala, Tutini, Kwakakulu, Metropolitan, Emali-Kajiado, Mwanyani, Game and Nkusso.

In the delivery of its support to the beneficiary and community, EDCA partners with the relevant Government of Kenya (GOK) Ministries and departments such as Ministry of Medical Services, Ministry of Health, Children’s department, Ministry of interior and coordination of National Government, County Governments of Makueni and Kajiado among others.

The Programme has a total enrollment of 3803 children out of which 2,855 are sponsored. The Programme targets more than 25,000 beneficiaries who include the enrolled families, children and the larger community, directly and indirectly.

The programmatic initiatives in our area are funded through:

  • Sponsorship funding
  • Grants
  • NSPs (Small grants)

Intended Beneficiaries

  1. Caregivers of children aged 0-5 years, both men and women
  2. Children aged 6-14 years, both boys and girls
  3. Children and youth aged 15-24 years, both boys and girls


  • To improve ECCD center-based teaching, learning and playing environment for children.
  • To increase transition of children in school.
  • Maximizing the nutritional value of food taken by children in ECCD Centers.
  • Protecting livestock and crops by improving water access, providing drought-resistant seeds, and teaching on seed-banking and bulking and improved farming techniques, recommending ways to preserve produce, and developing disaster preparedness strategies.
  • Adding non-farm income streams, mainly targeting women, through voluntary savings and loans schemes and a craft development initiative one of the Crafts development initiative is a project called Maka Emali whose main goal is to increase household incomes.

Mission / Vision

To have an enlightened, friendly and secure community with improved hygiene, increased water accessibility, food production that is affordable to all, high child enrollment, retention and transition rates in schools and increased community friendly health services.